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  • A woman practicing yoga

    The Ultimate Guide to a Career as a Certified Yoga Instructor

    Teaching yoga or better yet, owning a studio, is a dream for many folks. The road can be long and bumpy but if you make it, and many do, it’s a fulfilling business and vocation. The starting point is getting certified.  There are many local and global teacher training programs.  Just be sure they are […] More

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    Our Detailed GymMaster Software Review (for Yoga Studios)

    GymMaster is designed to be a comprehensive business solution for the owners of gyms and health clubs to manage their finances, manage and communicate with memberships, employees and more. As promised, it does appear to be easy to use and easy to learn. The interfaces are self-explanatory and the different pages are visually pleasing and […] More

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    Acuity Scheduling Review (for Yoga Studios)

    The yoga industry is booming. The Yoga Journal reports that about 38 million people in America practice yoga. This is almost double from the 20 million people in the USA who practiced in 2012. The yoga industry is now worth $16 billion in the U.S. and over $80 billion worldwide. Eventbrite says that the average […] More

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    8 Different Types of Flooring for Yoga Studios

    The yoga and holistic health industry is a booming business, and with the increase in yoga studios cropping up across the country comes an increase in competition amongst businesses. Creating the ideal studio is crucial in order to retain yoga enthusiasts and one of the most important aspects of this is, without a doubt, the […] More

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    Our In-Depth MINDBODY Software Review (for Yoga Studios)

    MINDBODY is a cloud-based club management software that is designed specifically for businesses in the health and wellness industry. It is an all in one solution that combines marketing, appointment scheduling, billing, and point of sale. From automation to personalization, it has everything you need to take your business to the next level. Related: 22 […] More

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    Our In-Depth Zen Planner Software Review (for Yoga Studios)

    If you own your own yoga or fitness studio, you might be looking into some software to better help you run your business. One such software is Zen Planner, a software suite that is built to help you run your business more efficiently and is user-friendly for everyone. It not only has key features that […] More

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    22 of the Best Yoga Studio Software Options

    An awesome looking website is only the first step in launching your yoga studio online. To be competitive in today’s market, you need to have an interactive user-friendly website that services the needs of your customers. In this article, we present the Best Yoga Studio Software Options that you can use to help manage your […] More

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    23 Types of Wall Art Perfect for Yoga Studio

    Yoga has been a common practice for a good 5,000 years. Yoga is a practice for both the mind and the body that combines breathing techniques, physical postures, and meditation. It is a way to attain peace and calmness. Yoga is a great way to relax and unwind. It helps you get rid of all […] More

  • A group of business people making a marketing plan

    12 Advertising Options for Yoga Studios (Online and Offline Marketing)

    There is no denying that yoga has received an immense amount of attention from fitness enthusiasts all over the globe. In the past couple of years, yoga has become especially popular in the world of fitness and health. And if you’re someone who practices yoga often, this probably doesn’t surprise you much. Yoga offers undeniable health […] More

  • Sporty Students taking Yoga Class

    How to Become a Yoga Teacher (Ultimate Guide)

    Many people say teaching yoga is one of the toughest and most grueling jobs out there. While there is definitely some truth to this, it is also equally gratifying and moving. The best part about yoga and teaching this art to others is the ability to experience a new level of spiritual connection and temporarily […] More

  • Peaceful Yoga Class

    13 Types of Lighting for Yoga Studios

    If there is an industry that is reaching new heights, it is undoubtedly the industry of wellness, specifically the business of yoga. People, belonging to different walks of life, have started showing a growing interest in yoga and its innumerable benefits. Owing to the popularity of yoga, it is not surprising to come across yoga […] More

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