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  • A female athlete stretching her leg with a foam roller.

    Can Foam Rolling Be Harmful?

    There are plenty of reasons your muscles may be sore. Maybe you just got done with an intense workout or run, or maybe you were in an accident. You could even be dealing with chronic muscle pain and soreness from a medical condition. Whatever the case, your muscles need some TLC from time to time […] More

  • This is a close look at a home bike exercise equipment being used.

    Where to Buy Used Peloton Bikes Online

    Peloton bikes are some of the world’s favorite stationary bikes. When it’s hot outside or you simply don’t feel like going out, Peloton Bikes are the perfect solution: you can still get exercise while staying comfortable in your own home. Because of that, Peloton Bikes are extremely popular and sought after. On the same note, […] More

  • A corporate employee practicing mindfulness at the workplace.

    11 Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

    We’ve all been there before; feeling overwhelmed and experiencing brain fog while at work is commonplace for a majority of the population. These issues can arise for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes you may be flooded with too many assignments and lose motivation to do anything as a result. Other times, the problem may simply […] More

  • A woman being massaged with the use of massage sticks.

    Foam Roller Vs. Massage Stick

    If you’ve ever given yourself a massage before, it’s likely you’ve used tools such as massage sticks, electric massagers, or foam rollers to enhance the overall experience. By massaging your muscles, you’re allowing your muscles to regenerate while reducing soreness and preventing injury at the same time; so the appeal is obvious. With that said, […] More

  • A woman stretching at the park in the morning.

    Mental Benefits of Stretching

    While most understand how essential exercise can be to our overall health, not many people are aware of how powerful stretching can be. You might only consider stretching to be solely part of yoga. However, this isn’t the case, and it’s important to understand how beneficial stretching can be on its own I, myself, stretch […] More

  • An athlete using a foam roller to stretch his legs.

    13 Different Types of Foam Rollers

    When it comes to yoga, foam rollers can be your best friend. Foam rollers are made entirely to help your body stretch and relieve tension in ways you never would’ve imagined. But, just as there are various types of yoga, there are also a few different types of foam rollers for you to choose from. […] More

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    12 Alternatives to Ear Plugs (For Sleeping and Noisy Environments)

    Some people find ear plugs as comfortable devices that work efficiently for reducing noise. While some are designed for multiple use, long-term usage of ear plugs can lead to some infections. There are also those people who don’t feel comfortable wearing ear plugs. If you’re a light sleeper and live close to a noisy highway […] More

  • A woman exercising with an indoor cycling machine.

    Benefits of Indoor Cycling

    Curious about indoor cycling? This popular workout style combines high intensity, low impact cardio with positive, upbeat classes, and opportunities for working out at home. But is indoor cycling right for you? Learn about the benefits of indoor cycling, an awesome way to get your heart pumping! Low Impact For those looking for a workout […] More

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    8 Stretches to Do at Night Before Sleep

    So many of us spend the day sitting while we type away at the computer or talk on the phone. Once the daytime work is done, then it is time to relax by sitting and watching TV or gaming. Americans on average spend at least 13 hours every day sitting. It is surprising how little […] More

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    Gentle Yoga Poses (Foundational Sequences for Yoga Teachers)

    While Gentle Yoga sounds somewhat simplistic and easy, it is a type of yoga practice that is as important as any other style available. Gentle Yoga allows all people to participate and enjoy yoga. Gentle Yoga is not overly intense but is disciplined and calming. It is the practice of sequential yoga pose with a […] More

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